BMA Guides


All of our guides are ready to take you out on these great rivers. We care deeply about the history and the waters of this great city and would love to share them both with you or your group.

We constantly monitor river conditions and maintian the highest possible standard of safety and care.  


"Big Muddy" Mike

“Big Muddy” Mike Clark is the founder Big Muddy Adventures.  He is one of the most accomplished canoeists and guides in America, logging in close to 20,000 miles of big river paddling experience.  In 2001, Mike completed his first of many long paddling expeditions, a source to sea descent of the Mississippi River.  He founded BMA the following year as an adventure learning company, and with the help of his great friend John Ruskey of Quapaw Canoe Company. Today, Mike is the Senior Guide at BMA.  He leads many of BMA’s multi day trips and kids trips.  And he wears the apron on some of BMA’s Full Moon “Home Cooking” trips.  



Fiona, a proud St. Louisian who grew up on the muddy banks of the Missouri River, started paddling our great rivers before she lost her first baby tooth. Having worked as a tour guide for the past 8 years, she has led trips all over the Americas from Alaska down to Argentina, but is now excited to stay local and focus on sharing our great rivers with others!



"I found love for rivers and mountains at a young age, and have tried to experience them all over the world.  Saint Louis is my home town, and finding a place with Big Muddy Adventures has been a great pleasure.  Helping BMA introduce people to paddling has become a highlight in my guiding career, and I'm excited to continue exploring these mighty rivers!"



Matt found his love for nature at a young age through scouting, an experience that taught lifelong skills and cultivated a strong appreciation for the great outdoors. Joining the BMA team has provided Matt the opportunity to help build similarly impactful experiences for others! Backpacking, paddling, cycling and jogging are some of his favorite pastimes, but he also plays a mean center field in softball. He has summited 45 of the 58 Colorado Fourteeners and hopes to finish the remaining 13 in the next few years!



The General Manager of Big Muddy Adventures, Roo runs the "back office" of the operation.  After 2 long canoe trips to Quetico Provincial Park in Canada in the early 2000s he was hooked on paddling.  Born and raised in St. Louis, he has been happy to get out on our Great Rivers with Big Muddy Adventures and to help other people experience them.  When he's not on the river he can be found mountain biking, trail running, eating sammies at The Gramophone or chasing his 3 kids around town. 



Christine grew up on the water spending her summers at the Lake of the Ozarks, but didn’t realize the recreation opportunities our great rivers offered right here in the Saint Louis region until she participated in a “trash bash” on Mosenthein Island hosted by Big Muddy Adventures. After that she was hooked! Christine began as a volunteer at Big Muddy Adventures but her passion for sharing the magic of our rivers with others quickly landed her a permanent position on the BMA team. As a mother of three and a St.Louis city alderman, she focuses on ensuring all kids have the opportunity to get out on the rivers and advocating for smart river policy.



Natalie is passionate about educating and inviting others to experience the outdoors. With more than 15 countries and most of the states under her belt, she's always eager to visit new places and bring home stories to share around the campfire. By day, she fixes broken electronics for some fruit company. By night, she canoes, kayaks, climbs, and hikes as much as possible. Natalie is well known for her incredible demonstration of strength in completing the cinnamon challenge in 2015 and she was Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006.



Joe prefers the seat of a canoe over any car and charcoal over gas for barbecue.  As a guide, he cares for all participants’ safety and enjoyment.  Joe has 15+ years experience paddling canoes and kayaks in Canada, Kauai and St. Louis. Joe also works in the Terrain Magazine office promoting his native Saint Louis City as a destination for outdoor recreation.  Joe is a Great Rivers Greenway ambassador for bicycle access to St. Louis’ rivers, parks and music.