Our Youth Program

Gateway to The Great Rivers





Intro to Great Rivers Paddling

Hands-on safety, skills and confidence building workshops including on land and on water paddle training in the protected waters environment of St. Louis North Riverfront Park and Riverlands Ellis Bay in West Alton.

Great Rivers Experiential Learning Trips

A field trip like no other!  Experiential learning via a unique full day paddling field trip. Focused on a real world understanding about the interconnectedness of nature and our lives. Science, Math, Social Studies, Art activities expertly designed and delivered by canoe on our Great Rivers.

Team Building and River Stewardship Trips

A "Trash Bash by Canoe" Trip provides the best opportunity to develop team building activities with the principles of Public Service through River Stewardship.  BMA leads day trips to islands and river banks to remove trash and explore nature.

Multi Day Expedition

Combine all three GGR Program offerings through a Multi Day Adventure Trip.  Experience the total immersion effect of a multi day canoe camping trip.  Full logistical planning, basic equipment and expert guiding are offered in an all inclusive design.